CD ‘Puasong Daffriek’

by Lotz Of Music

First release of Lotz Of Music on the edge of bebop and contemporary.

Laika Records, Bielefeld, Germany 1994

Released in 1994
Catalogue number LK 94-054
LC 7577
Recorded 29/30 December 1993 at SPN Studios Amsterdam NL


Bobby Watson (Saxophonist, USA)

“The music of Lotz Of Music represents the ‘state of art’ in jazz exploration – that is leading us to the millenium.” 

Saarlouiser Rundschau (Germany)

“Sensible virtuosity and disarming sovereignty. A ‘Jazz – horn of plenty’ of superior class!” 

La Traversiere (France)

“Very tight and marvelously mature.” 

Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden (The Netherlands)

“World music in the best sense of the word. Remarkably stylish music.”