CD ‘Pum’kin Diaries’ 

by Lotz Of Music

Multi national quartet performing their imaginative Pygmy Bebop. Music documenting the first recordings of a PVC contra bass flute in dialogue with Pygmies.

LopLop Records, The Netherlands 2002

Catalogue number LLr 008
Recorded may 2002 in E-sound Studios, Weesp, The Netherlands


Jazz Series Review (USA)

“Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has produced one of the more oddly gorgeous recordings I’ve listened to this year.”

All Music (USA)

“Yet, one of the sparkling highlights of this affair pertains to the quartet’s perky musical demeanor, topped off with traditional Dutch wit and ingenuity.” 

Random Chance Records (USA)

“A fresh, global and oddly beautiful sound!” 

Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands

“One surprise one after another. And what about this: in Pygmy Lounge the musicians improvise on top of sounds recorded in a Pygmy village in the Congo!” 

Cadence Magazine (USA)

“An intriguing programme of progressive chamber jazz.”