CD ‘Random Access Melody’,

by Sandhya Sanjana 

Indian singer Sandhya Sanjana with a crossover of Jazz with Indian Classical music.
(Nice solo here which I did literally on the spot, Mark Tuinstra providing me changes via the phone.)

“Sandhya means union, such as day and night. Since I was born at sunset, my mother gave me this name. As I grew older and readily absorbed and incorporated many singing styles, I discovered how apt this name was. Some of these melodies have been handed down to me by the oral tradition, others are my own. Narayan is the first song I ever learnt, from my mother.

To my mother, who taught me my first song and my father, who sang while not being appreciated, I dedicate this. I also wish to thank my family who has always celebrated every occasion with song. And all my teachers – musical and otherwise.” (Sandhya Sanjana)

Sandhya Sanjana (vocals, compositions)

Zolthan Lantos (violin)

Eric Vloeimans (trumpet)

Mark Alban Lotz (Bansuri, flute, pvc contra bass flute)

Harida Quinteros (santoor)

Mark Tuinstra (guitar)

Maarten Meddens (piano, keyboards)

Jeroen Vierdag & Kai Eckhardt (electric bass)

Marko Bonarius (double bass)

Niti Ranjan Biswas (tabla)

Omri Hason (hang)

Ramesh Shotham (south Indian percussion, konokol)

Rudi Sanders (drums)

Jasper Goedman (percussion)