CD Solo Flutes

by Mark Alban Lotz

17 tracks of flute solo performances of contemporary music in compositions and improvisations. Everything is played in one go, live and the use of extended techniques on flute. Including six ‘Bass Flute Sequenzas’ – explorations on the sounds inside the pipe of the bass flute.

Loplop Records 2014

Catalogue number Llr 41
Released may 2014
Recorded januari 11 and februari 8 in Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
Mixed & mastered by Micha de Kanter


NYC Jazz Record Magazine (USA)

Listed as “New Recommended Release”  2014

Neue Zeutschrift für Musik (Germany)

“The word of the ‘new worlds of sound’ usually picked up in the context of contemporary music is quite worn out, but with Lotz it is entitled.” 

Jazzism Magazine (The Netherlands)

Listed in the Jazznotjazz top 10 of W.Burkens and M.Kranendonk

The Flash Boston (USA)

“So many solo records can be austere, or just plain pretty. It’s sweet, deep, and humorous.” 

Le Son Du Grisli (France)

“Pure Thriller here.”

Jassepoes (Belgium)

“An absolute must as it is a real firework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.” 

Citizen Jazz (France)

“A great discovery.”

Uni/Jazz Magazine (Czech Republic)

“Music of insistence – away from all trials.”

Jazzarium (Poland)

“There are artists of really high class which should be considered. Mark Lotz without a doubt is “one of a kind “.”

Leeuwaarder Courant (The Netherlands)

rated four stars

Flute Focus (USA)

“Pure Genius.” 

Moors Magazine (The Netherlands)

„One hour solo flute, looks on paper quite dull, in practice it is extremely exciting and varied.”

Jazz Magazine (Portugal)

“Interesting sound architect of a different kind!” (Australia)

“This artist, fine flutist and overall creative genius is redefining the sonic palette of all flutes.”