Tales Of High Fever

by Zuco 103

is a collective around drummer Stefan Kruger, keyboard player Stefan Schmid and singer Lilian Viera (members of Lotz Of Music and Cuban Roots ensemble by then). 

Leonardo Amuedo, Anton Goudsmit (guitar)

Mark Alban Lotz (flute)

David Kweksilber (bass clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)

Benjamin Herman (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone)

David Rockefeller (trumpet, trombone)

Wim Both (trumpet); David Rothschild (trombone)

Stefan Schmid (keyboards, programming)

Stefan Kruger (drums, programming, background vocals)

Claus Tofft, Marcos Suzano (percussion)

Ana Beck, Wies Ingwersen (background vocals)

Lilian Vierra (lead vocals)