CD The Wroclaw Sessions

by the Mark Lotz Trio

Recording with two energetic young Polish musicians. Next to originals compositions by a.o. Sam Rivers, Charlie Parker, Michael Moore. The first recording in jazz music by Lotz for some time in the classical jazz trio setting, however, with a fascinating instrument as the lead. Liner notes by Peter Westbrook. This page features an extended version!

Line up

Mark Alban Lotz (c-, alto-, bass flutes, fx)

Grzegorz Piasecki (acoustic bass)

Wojciech Buliński (drums)

Audiocave 2019

release 26st April 2019
Recorded march 3rd 2018 in Wroclaw, Poland by Lukasz Damrych
Mixed by Marius Beets at Studio Smederij Zeist, The Netherlands


2 time winner of the ‘Best Of 2019’ in the NYC Jazz Records Magazine

Won twice in the ‘Best Of 2019’ in the NYC Jazz Records Magazine

NYC Jazz Records

Featured twice as New Recommended Release at New York Jazz Record Magazine (july/august 2019)

All About Jazz (USA)

“Mark Alban Lotz is bringing sexy back into jazz with his trio recording.”

Jazzblog Spot (Poland)

“The Wroclaw Sessions is a stellar example of musical chemistry.”

Clifford Allen (USA)

“Very strong music. I’m quite hooked. It is rare to blindly receive an album that is so appealing.”

Flute Journal (UK)

“Pure genius!”

The Soundtrack Of My Live (Israel)

“An absolute must for Jazz flute connoisseurs.”

MusicFrames (NL)

“Exciting, inspiring and innovative!”

UKVibe (Great Britain)

“This is the spirit of jazz in its truest form.”

Walker magazine (Japan)

“Comes roaring powerfully.”