Global Village Orchestra

Large World Music Ensemble (2002-2013)

The ‘Global Village Orchestra’ combines 10 musicians of 8 different nationalities. 

Driven by Tjitze Anne Vogel (assisted by Kamperman, Spies and Lotz). Originated in the concerts of the “Music: World Series“, a musical meeting place in the Netherlands town of Utrecht.

Toured Holland, recorded for National radio.

Realized several projects in or within

• Music theatre show “Magic: Stories In Music” (2004)
• Vrede van Utrecht
• Utrecht Dom manifestation
• Roof of the World (2010)

Onze Wereld (The Netherlands)
“All the voices of world music into a powerful big band that’s solid like a rock.” 

Jazz Now (USA)
“It’s the amalgam that amazes here.” 

Modern Drummer (USA)
“This tri-continental orchestra is a PC critic’s dream. There is something really deep and moving here.” 

Line up

Mola Sylla (Senegal) vovals

Behsat Uvez (Turkey) oud, saz, baglama, darbuka, davul, tef and kasik, vocals

Kamil Abbas (Oiguristan) violin, ghijak

Mark Alban Lotz (Germany) piccollo, concert-, alto-, bass-, PVC contra bass flutes, bansuri

Steven Kamperman (Netherlands) b-flat & e-flat clarinets

Akos Laki (Yugoslavia) tenor sax, b-flat & bass clarinet

Henk Spies (Netherlands) bass sax, tenor sax, soprano sax

Karim Eharruyen (Morocco) ud

Tjitze Vogel (Netherlands) bass

Alan Purves (Schottland) percussion

Guest artists

Gülendem Abbas (Oiguristan) vocals

Namgyal Lhamo (Tibet) vocals

Sandhya Sanjana (India) vocals

Petar Ralchev (Roemenia) accordeon

Vj Soundshadow (Netherlands) video animation

Nel Lakatompessy (Moluks) actor

Leonid Vlassov (Russia) actor

( on CD) Afra Mussawissade  (Iran) percussion, percussion-set, ghatam, cajon

(as replacement) Stanislav Mirovic (Croatia) tenor sax, clarinet

(as replacement) Haytham Safia (Israel) ud