Amsterdam-Istanbul (2013)

Mojo Magazine (UK on the Borusan gig)
“An evening of tentative improv from German flute player Mark Lotz and Istanbul band Islak Köpek.”

Monsieur Delire (Canada)
“Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit. (This music is slithering and shaking with life.)” 

Free Jazz Alchemist (Poland)
“For all I feel it’s profoundly humane, for all I know it doesn’t hold any barriers of culture, race, language, religion, time and space. A democratic and universal form of personal expression and communication.” 

IstanPOOL is another formation of Lotz diving into the rich spectrum of music of Turkey. He initiated IstanPOOL with his Duo partner, laptop artist Korhan Erel.

IstanPOOL is a collective of musicians from Turkey and the Netherlands in a unique setting with two winds, two guitars and two laptops. Six modernists from two vibrating urban metropoles joining forces  in music

They meet in their urge to express and fertilize each other in composition and improvisation. The result is a powerful mix of atmospheric soundscapes and dynamic movement. Surprising, pleasing, itching, bizarre, adventurous, funny, unpredictable, visionary. Their Tour in Holland in october 2013 was a great musical success. 

The members have history : Lotz and Moore participated together in Chris Potter’s Tentet and recorded for Michael Baird. Lotz and Erel form the Duo Lotz/Erel (the initiators and driving force of IstanPOOL) and performed together with Robert van Heumen. Akinci and Gürkal are both members of Islak Köpek and have performed and/or recorded with Moore, Erel and Lotz many times in Istanbul.

This is a A Lotz/Erel  initiative with Stichting Doek, Amsterdam. The Utrecht performance (premiere) is made possible with the kind support of the City of Utrecht.


Performances at the Rasa Theater Utrecht, Rotterdam and Amsterdam in 2013.

Line up

Michael Moore (clarinets, alto saxophone)

Mark Alban Lotz  piccolo, c-, alto-, bass-, contra bass flutes

Şevket Akinci  (guitars & effects)

Giray Gürkal  (guitars & effects)

Robert van Heumen (laptop-instrument)

Korhan Erel (laptop, controllers)

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