A Fula’s Call

cross-over with West African Fula music with a global twist (2006-2016)

Financial Times (London, UK)
“Harmony that transcends boundaries. Some 21st-century convivencia was on display.”

Al Masry Al Youm (Cairo, Egypt)
The band’s harmonious, soulful melodies captivate and their more upbeat tunes may get you shaking. What’s for sure is that their musical blend of jazz with African tunes are in perfect harmony — as the group itself seemed to be.” 

HubHao (Dongguang, China)
“Together the collective passed tunes worthy of an Oscar-winning soundtrack.”

Cross-over with Fula Music in a new ‘EurAfrican’ sound. A creative group of musicians with a diversity of cultural backgrounds. 

Mark Alban Lotz teams up with singer Omar Ka who belongs to the West African nomadic tribe of the Fula. His lyrics speak of the life and culture of the nomadic tribe of the Fulani. Ka with roots in the Niger, Afra Mussawisade (percussion) with roots in Teheran and flutist Mark form the pounding hart of ‘A Fula’s Call’. 

A  CD was recorded in Dakar in 2012 still waiting to be published, featuring many great artists.


Having emerged out of the ‘Music World: Series‘(2006) – ‘Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call’ forms the third edition of Lotz’s ‘mWWm‘ ensembles. ‘A Fula’s Call’ subsequently hit the road with wheels spinning on tours in the East followed soon after by the CD release of: Mark Lotz Meets Omar Ka, LIINGU (2008). Tours in Holland, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt and China.

During the years Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call realized several projects and invited musicians to perform in special settings

  • Euregio Wind, Brass and Percussion Orchestra
  • Tibetan Nightingale Namgyal Lhamo (Nightingale of Tibet, Indian artists of 2007)

  • Senegalese water activist Abu Thiam

  • Fula guitar player Abu Dijgo

  • cellist Ernst Reijseger

We are shocked and very sad about the sudden death of master Fula guitarist Abu Dijgo in 2016. He joined us during our two China Tours (2015 & 2016). R.I.P Grand Freré.

Guests performed with A Fula’s Call 

Omar Ka

Omar Ka

guitar, vocals

Omar Ka (vocals/guitar) inherited the distinctive cultural practices and musical styles of the West-African Fulani’s. His sensitive vocals and intricate guitar melodies tell instantly of the nomadic Fulani roots. Based in the Netherlands since 1996, he performs regularly with the group Omar Ka & Fula Band, blending traditional and modern instruments in energized grooves with strong vocal hooks.

Omar Ka likes the challenge of musical experiments. He cooperates constantly with a variety of European and African artists. His lyrics are poetic, social, and even political. “Immigrants can bring good things because they plant their own culture within another culture….So the world educates itself…”

Jeroen Van Vliet

Jeroen Van Vliet

piano, samples

Jeroen Van Vliet is the fresh 2014 Boy Edgar prize winner and most sought after piano players in Holland. His tasteful playing is documented on a lot of Cd’s as sideman and leader.

Jeroen performed with many musicians, both Dutch and foreign, like Eric van der Westen, Bob Malach, Han Bennink, Kenny Wheeler, Eric Vloeimans, Michael Moore, Willem van Manen, Theo Jörgensmann, John Zorn, Norma Winstone, Charly Mariano etc.

Van Vliet also composed works for choreographer Hans Tuerlings (Raz), pieces for small ensembles and for short animated films. Toured through a variety of countries in Europe, Africa, USA and Asia.

Mark Alban Lotz

Mark Alban Lotz

piccolo, concert-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, fx

Soloist, composer, producer in jazz and contemporary music often crossing borders with other cultures. Collaborations spans an arc with film, theater, performance art, visual arts and dance.

Worked with many unknown and many famous but equally gifted unique voices in music all around the globe. Subject of international publications, prize-winner, nominated for the Edison and Beyond Magazine prize.

Professor for flute at the Utrecht and Rotterdam Conservatories.

Afra Mussawisade

Afra Mussawisade


Afra Mussawisade (percussion) was born in Teheran and there educated in Persian percussion. Afra incorporates different styles of percussion from all over the globe to a highly original and musical setup which makes him one of the most in demand percussion players on the European scene.

He performed with artists including the likes of Zuco 103, WDR Big Band, Ernst Reisseger, Scapino Ballet, SFEQ, Oene van Geel, Gabriel Perez, Praful, Baraná, Lotz Of Music, Till Brönner, Mezzoforte and many more. Afra is the producer of ‘A Fula’s Call’s’ debut CD. Toured Europe, Asia, Canada and USA.

Bao Sissoko

Bao Sissoko

cora, vocals

Bao Sissoko (cora/vocals) plays the Cora: an African harp. Bao is one of the rising Cora stars in Dakar, Senegal right now. He was born in Senegal into a family of griots. Bao was raised in the pure Mandingue-tradition. His father Tamba Cissoko was cora master with an impressive international career. Mother Fatoumata Cissoko was respected singer. He performed and/or recorded with Baaba Maal, Ngaari Law, Sioen, Vaya Con Dios, Zap Mama, Trio Tamala, Sinae, violinist Wouter Vandenabeele and singer Malick Pathe Sow. With these groups and as a soloist he performed all over Europe and Africa.

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