Michael Baird & Mark Lotz Duo

contemporary jazz duo (1995-1997)

A duo which performed in concert (1995-1997), did recordings for the ‘Pavilloen – project – De wereld barst van de idealen‘ (1995) by artist Marijke Nielen from Utrecht and the project ‘Bons’ with which Baird also published a cassette and  is featured with two tracks on the Michael Baird’s CD ‘On Remote Patrol‘ (1997).

A new content of a very old old musical form by Baird and Lotz. Both not bothered by stylistics and equipped with a lot of fantasy. The result is music of two individualists which is inventive and imaginary.

Michael Baird (UK)
drums, percussion, pipes, gongs

Mark Alban Lotz (Germany)
flutes, moutharp, digeridoo

CD ‘On Remote Patrol’