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Al Masry Al YoumEgypt (on A Fula’s Call)
“The band’s harmonious, soulful melodies captivate and their more upbeat tunes may get you shaking. What’s for sure is that their musical blend of jazz with African tunes are in perfect harmony — as the group itself seemed to be.”

HubHao, Dongguan China (on A Fula’s Call)
“These three individual talents alone would be good on ears, whether as buskers or solo artists. Together the collective passed tunes worthy of an Oscar-winning soundtrack.” 


International collective led by Lotz reflecting his personal view on global world music. Knew three editions (2000-2006). 

Concerts in Holland (a.o. Global Village Festival, etc), Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia, Egypt, China.

Edition 1

John Kayongo (dance)

Irschad Hoessein Khan (tabla)

Arjan Gorter (bass)

Oene van Geel (viola)

Mark Alban Lotz (flutes)

Edition 2

Tony Overwater (bass)

Oene van Geel (viola)

Afra Mussawisade (percussion)

Mark Alban Lotz (flutes)

Edition 3

(later Mark Lotz & A Fula’s Call)

Omar Ka (vocals, guitar)

Raphael Vanoli (guitar, effects)

Afra Mussawisade (percussion)

Mark Alban Lotz (flutes)