Pendant La Nuit

Soapera (2004-2005)

Het Parool (The Netherlands)
“And suddenly you find a masterpiece on the Parade: Pendant La Nuit! Music theater of the highest level.”

NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)
“Pendant La Nuit is a dramatic, swinging, acid-tongued magic bonbon.”

Utrechts Nieuwsblad (The Netherlands)
“Full of absurd side leaps and mean dialogues with a distinctive role for the Jazz orchestra under Mark Lotz. The playing is remarkably freewheeling, natural and effortless.“ 

Rotterdams Dagblad

“Finger snipping, head banging djazzz.”

Pendant La Nuit is a collaboration of writer and director Eric de Vroedt (libretto, director) with Mark Alban Lotz (composer) for the Soapera ‘Pendant La Nuit‘. 

The CD ‘Pendant La Nuit‘ featuring most of the music of the Soapera was released 2014 the LopLop label.


A production initiated by the Theater ‘Lantaren Venster’, Rotterdam in june 2004 within their music theater series ‘Soapera’, followed up by an immense tour at the circus/theater festival De Parade. A reprise took place in 2005.

Line up


Dick van den Toorn

Annelies Herft

Charlie (the girl)


Mark Alban Lotz (Germany) – flutes

Edwin Berg (The Netherlands) – piano, melodica

(or Anne Guus Terhuis (The Netherlands) – piano)

(or Franz van Chossy (Germany) – piano)

Eric Surmenian (France) – bass

Fredo Jeanne (France) – drums or/and

Alan ‘Gunga’ Purves (Schottland) – percussion

director & composer

Eric de Vroedt

Mark Alban Lotz

Short summary of the plot

A couple (the actors Annelies Herfst and Dick van den Toorn) having an emotional reflection on their relation in a night (lots of text in a real fast tempo – great rhythm – and a surprising ending) while Lotz Of Music as Finish Jazz band jam music, drink, read, smoke (pot as well … we really do love Holland) in their living room – without saying one word.

Mark Alban Lotz

Mark Alban Lotz

piccolo, concert-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, fx
Erik de Vroedt

Erik de Vroedt


Eric de Vroedt was one of the founders of the theater company Monk. At ‘De Monk’ theater company, De Vroedt discovered that writing and directing were more satisfying than playing. In 2004 he started the ‘Mightysociety project’. From 2007, this project fell under the umbrella of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and De Vroedt was part of TA-2, an initiative of Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Toneelschuur Haarlem. Since 2008 De Vroedt has made repertoire performances at Toneelgroep Amsterdam (Streetcar Named Desire of Tennessee Williams in 2008, Glengarry Glen Ross of David Mamet in 2009, After the fall of Arthur Miller in 2012, The Entertainer of John Osborne in 2014 and Queen Lear of Tom Lanoye, to Shakespeare in 2015). In 2016, Vroedt will join the National Theater as director and artistic director, from which he will become artistic director in 2018.

In Germany, De Vroedt is permanent guest director at Schauspielhaus Bochum. For the great hall he directed Freitag by Hugo Claus and Leas Hochzeit (Leedvermaak) by Judith Herzberg. At Theater Dortmund he made Die Restposten (mightysociety4).

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