Press CD Bite!

by Lotz Of Music

Fono & Stereo Welt, (rated the maximum of five stars) Germany

Mazzmusicas Belgium
“Lotz of Music created with Bite! another masterwork!. This Cd is worth to score high in the year lists. A must have!”

Jazzenzo, The Netherlands
“Again a memorable album in the rich and capricious oevre of Lotz.” 

Volkskrant newspaper (rated the four stars) The Netherlands
“Atmospheric and enchanting.” 

Jazzflits, The Netherlands
“Uncomparable unique sound world.”

Cultuur Podium, The Netherlands
“Is this still jazz? … no but greatly performed music where the joy of playing is blasting off.” 

Mixed magazine & Teteretet, The Netherlands
“His (Lotz) most sparkling CD ever.” 

Moorsmagazine, The Netherlands
“Again Lotz provides an exciting musical journey not only bloody beautiful but humerous as well.” 

Cultura Magazine, Russia
“Fish sounds within intelligent and creative music. Strongly focused and wrapped in a stereo box.” 

Max Magazine, Ukraine
“Incredible fish sounds and intonations of under water life.” 

Avant Music News, USA
“Mark Alban Lotz has a new CD out called “bite!” which really is worth many listens.” 

Cadence Magazine, USA
“This is not your average disc. Surprisingly, for all of the oddness contained in the instrumentation, this doesnt sound all that strange. .. this is a unique blend!” 

Monsieur Delire, Canada
“La musique, 19 pièces, est splendide: plutôt accessible, souvent surprenante, parfois attachante même. Entre jazz, musique contemporaine et musique actuelle.” (“The music, 19 short tracks, is gorgeous: rather accessible, often surprising, endearing at times. Between jazz, modern chamber music, and musique actuelle.” ) 

Draai Om Je Oren, The Netherlands
“This CD presents surprising interesting results on the unique borderline of contemporary composed and improvised music.” 

P.Merret, PBS, Australia
“A taste of the future of Jazz, finally a fresh new approach by the cream of the Dutch Jazz field.” 

All About Jazz, USA
“Fresh, entertaining and uplifting music.”

KZSU, Zookeeper, USA
“Oh, how awesome is this… It’s fun, unpredictable, and loaded with unique sounds including prepared piano, PVC flute, and a rubber-band thingy they call a ‘brim-bram’… Very cool.”