Press CD Blue Moods

by Mark Lotz

All About Jazz, USA
“Marvelously atmospheric flute fronted Jazz from The Netherlands. Blue Moods is one of the most satisfying flute-jazz offerings in recent memory. He certainly paints a bright portrait of its colorful history and potential in music.”

NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands
“With ‘Blue Moods’ Lotz proves he can play jazz! Each track is a showcase for his multi-shaped flute playing.” 

Haagsche Courant, The Netherlands
“… dream along with it.” 

Jazzreview, USA
“The moods emanating from Sander’s acoustic bass and Lotz’s flute on ‘Desert Lady’ are brilliant.” 

Pan, UK
“This quartet is showing an empathy and interplay worthy of some of the great small bands in jazz history.”