JazzHalo (Belgium)
“A penetrating and equally distressing and serene musical tribute by the Mark Lotz top ensemble.”

Salt Peanuts (Norway)
“All the pieces refer to women activists {cut} and evoke their inspiring spirits and their complex stories with captivating emotional power, beauty and elegance.”

Jazzbuzz (Greece)
“Deeply human approach, beautiful compositions with elegances like “Frouzan” and strong playing in another very good album by the flutist.” 

Jazz (Portugal)
“This moulds who I am today. It’s impossible to exclude parts of my identity. Even so, the common thread is jazz. Human and social music in improvisation.”

Culture Jazz (France)
“Oriental influences blend harmoniously with a jazz form that is as open as it is attractive. It offers melodies that are sometimes buoyant and introspective, more rhythmic and combative at other times, but always expressive. The five members of the quintet demonstrate undeniable cohesion.”

La Habitation Del Jazz (Spain)
“On this album, the classical chamber sound meets European-style jazz, far from swing. Mark Lotz once again demonstrates his qualities as an instrumentalist and composer.”

Jazzflits (The Netherlands)
“With the CD “Freshta,” flutist/composer Mark Lotz has created a musical pamphlet that makes you think.”

Valon Kuvia (Finland)
“Effortless swing. Impressive example of music that crosses borders.”

All About Jazz (USA)
“Absolutely admirable.”