Press CD Globalistics

Global Village Orchestra

Ken Egbert, Jazz Now, USA
“… you should visit Lop Lop’s Web site last week if not sooner, and pick this up straightaway.” 

Modern Drummer, USA
“This tri-continental orchestra is a PC critic’s dream. There is something really deep and moving here.” 

Onze Wereld, The Netherlands
“All the voices of world music into a powerfull big band that’s solid like a rock.” 

All Music, USA
“The high-level musicality and empathy for many different cultural mores and beliefs make this project one of the more precious combinations ever attempted, and joyously achieved. It is the hope that this is only the beginning, and that many more recordings or touring opportunities can be offered to this extraordinary ensemble of brilliant musicians. For now, though, this is a must-buy — until that day arrives.”

Jazz Review, USA
“Embracing a celebration of life – a colorful cross-cultural sampling of musical compositions.” 

Cadence Magazine, USA
“This is world music that does justice to its sources.” 

Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands
“A beautifull initiative that sums up the meaning of ‘world music’ in one single project.”

Jazz Now Interactive, USA
“It’s the amalgam that amazes here.” 

World Music Central, USA
“An adventurous sound that straddles jazz, classical, traditional and avant garde musics. It’s a sense of comradely fun that music brings on like nothing else. They definitely hit a lot of the right nerves with an infectious palette of rhythms, melodies and thoughtful exchanges of musical ideas. A refreshing, pleasurable disc.”

Trouw, The Netherlands
“Spontaneous Worldjazz, straight from the heart.” 

Dagblad van het Noorden, The Netherlands
“Universal improvised world music. The compositions are solid, yet fuel spontaneity managing to produce highly accessible music at the same time.”