Press CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th

by Mark Lotz & Islak Köpek

Vrij Nederland, The Netherlands
“An astonishing, exceptional level of spontaneous interaction. The capacity of Lotz coming directly to the essence in all the different settings really takes you by suprise. This is free music in its most universal variation.” 

London Resonance, UK
“Excellent document of the different approaches to composition and improvisation – basically electroacoustic improvisation with a ‘chamber’ approach.” 

Jazzflits, The Netherlands
“Fascinating harmonics explorations, confrontations between elektronica and acoustic instruments and surprising work by the laptop.” 

Free Jazz Alchemist, Poland
“It’s fascinating to hear the palette of sounds expanding, the music going in more directions and the will to push in order to connect more disparate elements. For all I feel it’s profoundly humane, for all I know it doesn’t hold any barriers of culture, race, language, religion, time and space. A democratic and universal form of personal expression and communication.”

Mescalina, Italy, Cd was rated Best of 2011
“Fresh music, beyond every barrier, including electronic, electric and acoustic, between composed and improvised, classic and avant-garde. … everything seems to regain a new vitality and a current.”

All About Jazz, USA
“Lotz and Islak Köpek match up well to forge skillful manipulations of sound. The sextet keeps the vitality pumping as it builds dense textures through a sustained thrust of momentum.”

Jazz, Swiss (rated 4 stars)
“Connection of different inputs from newest live-electronics up to John Cage and Free Jazz.” 

Downtown Gallery, NYC, USA
“The interaction is extremely solid, spirited and filled with surprises twists and turns.”

Politiken, Denmarken
“Fascinating sound art and music concrete poetry.” 

Rui Eduardo Paes,
“There are 11 varied duos and trios throughout the cd, but there is a common characteristic to all tracks: everything that happens, happens around lotz. and extremely well … .”

Le Son Du Grisly, Canada
“But the most beautiful snapshots are between the assets of the flutist and Korhan Erel: between aboriginal winds and an electronic gargles some strong ideas are accomplished here.” 

NYC Jazz Record, oct. 2012
“A disciplined outing, the group eschews skronky bombast for tesselated textures and sustained group ‘chords’ in a variety of settings, all featuring Lotz on various flutes, some prepared and/or processed.”

Cuadernos de Jazz, Spain
“Music of textures and often detached metric references which facilitates instrumental contrast and diversity. …stimulating and challenging.” 

Citizen Jazz, Franpi Barriaux, 9/2014
“As such, the meeting of Mark Alban Lotz with Islak Köpek seemed inevitable. Designed as a series of duos, trios, the disc explores atmospheres both exhilarating and alkaline, despite the on the first sight raw look. A CD without concessions which opens a window to musicians to follow with great interest.” 

Neural, Italy
The instruments are used by adopting unorthodox techniques, with continuous changes that favor the formation of a wide variety of timbres and sonorities interpretations often kept deliberately cohesive.” 

Revue & Corrigée, France 6/2014
“Lotz with the ensemble Islak Köpek for a bubbling free music.” 

Bad Alchemy, Germany (12/2014)
“To most striking interactions specifically count Lotz flute within the electron bombardment of Erel, above all, the animalistic tracks ‚Throat’ and Mouthharp’.” 

Monsieur Delire, François Couture, Canada, 2011
“Ça grouille, ça bouille, ça vit.” (This music is slithering and shaking with life.)”

Jazzword, USA
“… many of the city’s players are ready for prime time. … capture an organized unit comfortable with novel sonic impulses. Islak Köpek in toto is evidentially ready for more western exposure.” 

Jassepoes, Belgium
“This is new improvised music from a very high level and an absolute must. So many facets of color, shape and rhythm, you can never grasp this music in a few spins, every time you listen you can hear everything in a different way. Mark Alban Lotz we will hear more, this is all original and very moreish ….” 

Tim Sprangers, Jazzscene, Jazz International Rotterdam, The Netherlands
“Listening you become aware that some substantial music is being made here.”