Press CD Puasong Daffriek

by Lotz Of Music

Bobby Watson (Saxophonist, USA)
“The Music of Lotz Of Music represents the ‘state of art’ in jazz exploration – that is leading us to the millenium.”

Saarlouiser Rundschau, Germany
“Sensible virtuosity and disarming sovereignty. As a trendsetter and master of improvisation any ‘tittle – tattle’ is abandoned. They inspire with arrangements of magic quality. A ‘Jazz – horn of plenty’ of superior class!” 

Nieuwsblad v.h. Noorden, The Netherlands
“After listening to Lotz Of Music the listener is left lots of joy.” 

Cadence Magazine, USA
“Lotz has lots going for him on this record – not the least of which is a genuinely adventurous soul. His backing ensemble is comprised of highly capable players … . This is a good band, sure to get better; as it is, this is a fine album.”

Fritz Magazine, Germany
“The music is as weird as the name. Greatly arranged and original instrumentation.” 

Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden, The Netherlands
“World music in the best sense of the word. Remarkably stylish music.” 

Haarlems Dagblad, The Netherlands
“This well produced CD confirms the high level of Dutch Jazz Music.”

Twentse Courant, The Netherlands
“Fascinating themes, brilliantly performed.”

Fluit, The Netherlands
“This multi – cultural fusion truly is searching for new limits. A very surprising experience is waiting for you.” 

Jazzpodium, Germany
“Lotz Of Music’ never rests in jazz monotony but delights with a lot of music!” 

Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands
“Puasong Daffriek’ captures the attention of the listener from the beginning to the end. A CD for people who like to look beyond the limits of Music.” 

La Traversiere, France
“Very tight and marvelously mature.”