J.P.Dennis, Amazon, USA
“Sometimes slightly creepy, sometimes dreamy, often starkly beautiful. Check out esp. Their otherworldly treatment of Moore’s ‘Eth’.” 

Cadence Magazine, USA
“… voracious approach to cross blending. Impeccable chops on the full range of his instrument.” 

Vangelis Aragiannis, Syros Daily Newspaper, Greece
“Pum’kin Diaries is a perfect executed exercise of balance between earnestness and fun, between discipline and and freedom.” 

Tad Hendrickson: CMJ New Music Report, NY, USA
“They’re going to make some real noise.” 

Ken Egbert, Jazz Now, USA
“Beautifully done, sprightly and satisfying throughout. One of my favorites this year.”

Fluit, The Netherlands
“The concept of playing by Lotz Of Music is that of unforced freedom.” 

Draai om je ooren, Erno Mijland, The Netherlands
“The variety of composers, genres and atmospheres and the unity of this whole makes Pum’kin Diaries very special.”

Slagwerkrant, The Netherlands
“Fantastic is the CD Pum’Kin Diaries by flutist Mark Alban Lotz in a quartet with drummer Michael Vatcher.”

Ken Vos, Jazz – rated four and a half stars, The Netherlands
“Highlight is the groups improvisation superimposed on sounds of a Pygmy Village during and after rainfall.” 

NRC Handelsblad, The Netherlands
“Pygmy Lounge … almost as beautiful as perfect silence!” 

“Another winning session from Lotz, a quirky Dutch flutist who likes to incorporate plastic, rubber and glass sounds into his music. Lotz’s flute work is bright and agile, twisting energetically over the band’s varied, cool-toned but always adventurous settings, from bop to enigmatic abstraction. Good, creative stuff.” 

Cadence Magazine, USA
“An intriguing programme of progressive chamber jazz.” 

All Music, USA
“Yet, one of the sparkling highlights of this affair pertains to the quartet’s perky musical demeanor, topped off with traditional Dutch wit and ingenuity.” 

Michael J. Renner, Jazz Series Review, St. Louis, USA
“Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has produced one of the more oddly gorgeous recordings I’ve listened to this year.”

 Rick Congress, Random Chance Records, USA
“A fresh, global and oddly beautiful sound!” 

Brabants Dagblad, The Netherlands
“One surprise one after another. And what about this: in Pygmy Lounge the musicians improvise on top of sounds recorded in a Pygmy village in the Congo!”