Press CD The Wroclaw Sessions

by The Mark Lotz Trio

NYC Jazz Record
2x (!) Best Of 2019 (january 2020)
2x (!) Recommended New Release (july and august 2019)

All About Jazz (USA)
“Mark Alban Lotz is bringing sexy back into jazz with his trio recording The Wroclaw Sessions. It is rare for a jazz-flute recording to present itself with such a robustness.”

Jazz Da Gama (Canada)
“This is an album to die for.”

The Soundtrack Of My Life(Israel)
An absolute must for Jazz flute connoisseurs

Polish Jazzblog Spot (Poland)
“The Wroclaw Sessions” is a stellar example of musical chemistry and the essence of the sound.”

Clifford Allen (USA)
“It is very strong music. I’m quite hooked. It is rare to blindly receive an album that is so appealing.”

Moors Magazine (NL)
“Yet in the pure jazz tradition and of improvisation, nine creative pieces emerged that show that Lotz belongs to the absolute top of the improvising flute players.”

Opduvel (Belgium)
“In the hands of Lotz the flute is a wonderful solo instrument and he can build on a rhythm section that is focused and is solid as a rock.”

Music Frames (NL)
“It is fantastic how these three innovative musicians play music with minimal resources. They understand the art of omitting and only play what really matters. Exciting, inspiring and innovative!”

Flute Journal (UK)
“Many jazz flutists dare to include avant-garde abstractions in their improvisations these days, but few avant-garde artists have the courage to embrace the simple and the concrete. There is still beauty available to the freely improvising musician. Pure genius!”

Jazzflits (NL)
“Lotz and his companions strip the numbers until they have recovered its essence. It was perhaps a tough time in Wroclaw but the album is very successful.”

Point Of Departure (USA)
“Now that is turning lemons into lemonade.”

Jazz (Portugal)
“Full of musicality and adventure.”

Jazzenzo (NL)
“Exceptionally fresh performance.”

Jazz And Mo (Belgium)
 “The trio shows that Parkers music also swings heavily on flute.”

JazzPodium (Germany)
“With his own tracks Lotz once again proves to be a veritable composer.”

UKVibe (Great Britain)
“This is the spirit of jazz in its truest form.”

Magazine Walker (Japan)
“In the opening song of the album ‘Euterpe’, you find the trio’s unique character and its improvisatory nature which comes roaring powerfully.”