Listed as Recommended New Release at NYC Jazz Records Magazine August 2023.
The New York City Jazz Record has been nominated “Best Jazz Publication” for 17 years! (2006, 2007, 2009-2023) alongside Down Beat and JazzTimes. “Simply the hippest journal about jazz in New York that has ever been published” says saxophonist Joe Lovano.

CultureJazz (France)
“This is a musician who makes no compromises.”
“Music that’s conducive to rambling, with a rhythmic tendency towards the obsessive, hard-hitting climaxes and zones of appeasement to great effect.”

Jazz Portugal (Portugal)
“Mark Lotz’s return to more avowed jazz, is a vibrant, energetic record that sets alarm bells ringing.” 

Jazzhalo (Germany)
“Instead, Lotz and his trio colleagues, {cut} show where the musical journey can lead even without drugs of consciousness. And that is very convincing.”

JazzAndMo (Belgium)
“Fascinating compositions and improvisations. This is not just a tight trio. It is a true symbiosis. Brilliant!”

Jazzflits (The Netherlands)
“All three own a balanced sense of both melody and rhythm. This lends all the songs their power, because everything in them is right: a smooth, organic groove, fine melodies and catchy compositions. Lotz deploys his highly expressive flute playing optimally, without it becoming a display of instrumental technique. Everything is in the service of musicality and storytelling, where as a listener you cannot sit still for a moment.”

Moorsmagazine (The Netherlands)
“A magnificent musical trip.”

Soundtrack Of My Life (USA)
“This album is a breath of fresh air, a great fun to listen to and a mind expanding musical experience”.

Salt Peanuts (Norway)
“This new trio sounds like a tight unit that has established its organic, immediate and urgent dynamics.”

Music Frames (The Netherlands)
“Their interplay interlocks like an adventurous puzzle.”

Jazznu (the Netherlands)
“The life we lead as human beings is contained in the performance of the ten compositions Lotz put together with such care. You may cite the philosophy behind them, but the music is so strong that it transcends even the person Timothy Leary. Turn on, tune in, drop out, turn on, tune in and drop out so.”