CD u-ex(perimental)

by Lotz / Kneer

His Voice, Czech Republic
“Lotz, Kneer and their guests magnetically attract a surprising response. Musical adventure? Rely on it!” 

Jazzism, NL
“Obviously there is an enormous potential of improvisors in Holland.” 

Toma Jazz, Spain
“Moments of great intensity. Abstraction to concreteness showing a varied music passing through nervous moments, is descriptive, environmental and shows a character, so to call it, canon.”

Cult Montreal, Canada
“No belly flops in this coherent and deep pool of music.” 

Moors Magazine, The Netherlands
“If those two (Kneer & Lotz) improvise together you’re listening on the edge of your seat because they know how to keep the excitement insane surprising. You get the impression that The Netherlands is bursting of improvising talent hearing all this, as there is not one weak moment in between. The quite unique and typical Dutch touch seems to be that remarkable combination of avant-garde adventure and humor. Delicious! An absolute must!”

Sound And Silence at Sands-Zine, Italy
Precisely in these continuous organic mutations lies the strength of a record that, … runs without ever getting boring.” 

Jassepoes, Belgium, rated five stars
“This is pure improvisation, but with a whole new style. Very fascinating organic abstract music poured into a melodic structure, spatial and architectural built. Remarkable are also usually very short miniatures of two, three, four minutes, but accurately connected to each other and form a whole. “

Monsieur Delire,  Canada
“Il faut dire que Lotz et Kneer sont des improvisateurs de premier plan. Leurs collègues sont pal mal non plus.” 

All About Jazz, USA
“A fascinating journey with some of the most unique improvisers on the fertile Dutch scene.” 

Downbeat, USA
“The core duo have a clear rapport and sonic identity marking their abstract improvisations with a frictive astringency.”

Jazzflits, NL
“54 minutes of high-class improvisations with no moment of boredom! Every track nails it.”