Kiev Telegraaf (Ukraine)
“The favourite of the Odessa public.”

Financial Times (London, UK)
“Harmony that transcends boundaries. Some 21st-century convivencia was on display … . A Fula’s Calling’s signature was the visible care they all took of one another, as the vocals segued from Bhattarcharya to Ka and back again, and the delight they took in each other’s performances: a palpable expression of friendship that blurred no boundaries.” 

Muzykalnaya Europa (Moskow, Russia)
“The discovery of the 5’th International Ethno-Jazz Festival of Chisnau.” (The Netherlands)
“The uncontested highlight of the Music: World Series concerts thus far!” 

Al Masry Al Youm (Cairo, Egypt)
“The band’s harmonious, soulful melodies captivate and their more upbeat tunes may get you shaking. What’s for sure is that their musical blend of jazz with African tunes are in perfect harmony — as the group itself seemed to be.”

HubHao (Dongguan, China)
“These three individual talents alone would be good on ears, whether as buskers or solo artists. Together the collective passed tunes worthy of an Oscar-winning soundtrack.”

On Lotz and his A Fula's Call