Quotes on performances

by Lotz Of Music

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands 2016)
“Like no other, this quintet manages to create unusual sounds from their acoustic instruments. Often such that the original sound is no longer recognizable. Add to that sounds from a completely different source – especially Alan Purves and Albert van Veenendaal know the ropes with tape, inflatable animals, toy whistles and what not else – and you have a picture of Lotz Of Music. … Limits simply do not exist here, the music is influenced by diverse musical worlds as jazz, blues, non-Western music, avant-garde, musique concrète and folk. On paper, this looks like an inverted trash. That it does not is the strength of this group, because despite all these musical styles, the pieces sound every time as a wonderful unit, thanks to the compelling and infectious rhythms.” 

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands 2016)
“… what is happening in the deep sea. After the descent shows an exciting world full of strange sounds, tones and effects. Translated exquisite by Lotz and his companions into a visual, colorful, playful and very persuasive sound. If the term world music did not exist, he would have to be invented for this purpose.” 

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands 2013)
“Five free spirits in an exciting collaboration. Surprising, urgent, visionary”.

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands 2013)
“Wonder flautist Lotz and his collegues Don Byron, Van Veenendaal, Brinkmann and Purves gave an lecture in sublime free improvisation music. …. made this concert a true feast of improv.”

Volkskrant (The Netherlands 2012)
“Mark Lotz Meets Don Byron in Lotz Of Music: ‘… flautist Mark Alban Lotz who gave the most impressive concert. Especially the creative and intense interpretations (improvisations) within the compositions was breathtaking beautifull!’”

Het Parool  (The Netherlands)
“Focus on colours with Lotz Of Music. The Highlight of the SJU Jazz Festival 2005.”

Frits Lagerwerf, VPRO Gids (The Netherlands)
“A great whisper concert! The Quartet of Mark Alban Lotz was one of the highlights of the SJU Jazz Fesival 2005.” 

Draaiomjeoren (J.Los) (The Netherlands)
“Lotz en Freeman impress at the SJU Jazz Festival 2005. … The band (Lotz Of Music) played an enormous subtle fascinating set.”

Stuttgarter Zeitung (Germany)
“This is the time of discoveries in Jazz.” 

Bonner Rundschau (Germany)
“Lotz Of Music’ is improvisation at it’s best!”

Rensch en Gouwe (The Netherlands)
“Sounding as free as jazz music is supposed to sound: a million dollar baby!”

Frank van Herk (The Netherlands)
(“A sort of improvised ambient: an alternative ballad full of fantasy.”

Neuburger Rundschau (Germany)
“A stimulating and vital mixture of all manners of playing jazz. ‘Lotz Of Music’ offers creative variety in this all too often dusty, formalistic world of jazz.” 

Fuldaer Zeitung (Germany)
“Swinging and adventurous music in a boisterous package.” 

Lippische Zeitung (Germany)
“A first class musical treat!” 

NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)
“Jazz on flute – with Lotz not soft but heavy.”

Jazz Nu (The Netherlands)
“The craziest music of the Festival was played by ‘Lotz Of Music’.”

TAZ Bremen (Germany)
“A very original performance – executed with smart elegance.”

Weserkurier (Germany)
“Music without borders – just ‘Lotz Of Music’ indeed.”

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"Delicate sound festival."

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"Five free spirits in an exciting meeting. Surprising, compelling, visionary."