Offene Ohren (Germany)
“They tell an insane story.” 

Jazznu (On Jazzfest Amsterdam)
“Created perhaps the most surprising performance of the day.”

Freie Klänge Blogspot (Germany)
“But the mysterious gentle melodies of the two remain more memorable, … What can be heard, however, is an almost spiritual experience: out of a buzz of sound, spherical sounds are transmitted to the ear, becoming quieter until it is quiet.”

WAZ (Germany)
„Jazz as a royal pleasure for two childish experts. Shimmering flute sounds and sophisticated rhythms supported by sophisticated electronics, to draw fascinatingly smoothly into the wake of attentive immersion. For what presented the Holland based ‘Schwabe’ in delicate dialogues with his Scottish friend playing the toys, that was a very organic flow of delicate inventions. Despite her many amusing effects, their highly musical performance never got into a fuss.“

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands)
“With ears wide open they demonstrated that pure improvisation is exciting. Melodious music, swinging fragments were interspersed with contemplative moments. I do not know whether to continue in a solid trio. If yes, then I recommend the few remaining serious jazz venues to book this trio instantaneously.”

Freie Klänge Magdeburg

"Completely new listening experience and imagination."

Leeuwaarder Dagbald

Interview with Lotz regarding Vers Festival 2019

Offene Ohren, München

"They tell an insane story."

WAZ 2018

Jazz as a royal pleasure

Press On Lotz/Purves

Draai Om Je Oren

“With ears wide open they demonstrated that pure improvisation…