Millenium Post (India)
„New Brazilian music & Jazz takes India by storm.“

India News Reel (India)
„New Brazilian music & jazz enthralls Delhi.“

„Guitarist Daniel Marquez from Brazil and Flautist Mark Alban Lotz captivated the audience on the first day of their two-day performance in Delhi, creating a euphoric atmosphere for the audience.“ 

Millenium Post (India)
„Daniel and Mark came together for restless stirrings of flute & guitar playing melodious notes, creating a rhythmic intensity that placed the listeners in a wonderful land of harmony.“

Mid-Day (India)
„It might be tough to hold a Jazz chord on a steel string and match the sounds with a flute. Not so much when guitarist Daniel Marques syncs a marathon of melodies with flautist Mark Alban Lotz. They are currently on an India tour, unrolling the broad timbre and vibrant compositions from the South American realm.“ 

Rolling Stone (India)
„A wonderful music concert. … Marques’ skill and virtuosity was of a high level. … Both musicians were playing their own compositions and arrangements which were intricate and well worked out.“ 

Indian Express (India)
„Of Octaves and Sonics“

Grammy Awards board member Niels Lan Dokky (USA)
“Daniel Marques is one of those artists that you run into once in a while and you just go: ‘Wow! Where did this guy come from?”

WRUV, T.Basanta (USA)
“Mark Alban Lotz – a German-Dutch genius and flute master.”

Jazzword on CD Live at JazzCase

"Proper combination of backbeat and lyricism is emphasized during eight Lotz compositions."

Jazzism (2/2019)

4 star review for the Live At JazzCase release

Concerto (Austria)

"One of the most outstanding virtuoso on the flute."

Cadence (USA) on Live At JazzCase

"Arguably this is one of Lotz’ finest.“

Uni Kulturni Magazine

"unforeseen became a deed"

Spontaneous music tribune

"Emerging in the crucible of interspecific explosions and earthquakes."

Salt Peanuts

"Lotz Of Music has become his own sonic lab that transcends classical and contemporary chamber music."

great review by on Live At JazzCase

HIS Voice on Live At JazzCase

The album is totally decadent!

Jazzflits (The Netherlands)

"For the depth of humor, bizarre sounds and rhythm." (on CD Food Foragers)

Jazzflits 2019

They literally create their own playground.


Article at Vagarag (Greece)

NRC Handelsblad

"Fantasy, sense for colors and drama plus humorous playfulness."

Musica Jazz Intervista Lotz

Con lui parliamo di questo album, del suo passato e dei suoi progetti futuri.

All About Jazz On Live At JazzCase

Combines a chamber-music aspect with a basic danceability.

Press CD Live At JazzCase

"Bloody tight music on the edge."


Bert Noglik, Germany “The delight is in their whispers, song, echoes of the wind and expression in sound.” 

Press CD Puasong Daffriek

“'State of art’ in jazz exploration – that is leading us to the millenium.”

Press CD Globalistics

“This tri-continental orchestra is a PC critic’s dream."

Press CD Blue Moods

“Interplay worthy of some of the great small bands in jazz history.”

Press CD Le Coq Rouge

“A boundless variety of inspiring polyphony and subtle swing."

Press CD Lotz Of Music Meets Batá Drums

“This is not just an exotic flirt but a real organic fusion.” 

Press CD Blues for Yemayá

“The concept sounds as natural as birdsong.”

Press CD Odd Tango

"Intriguing actual music."

Press CD Pum’kin Diaries

“A fresh, global and oddly beautiful sound!” 

Press CD Cuban Fishes Make Good Dishes

"Hitting the essence of Origin.”

Press CD Pendant La Nuit

"Set your CD player on repeat and let it play a whole evening.”

Press CD Liingu

"A stellar example of acoustic global fusion from artists at the top of their game.”

Press CD Bite!

“A taste of the future of Jazz."

Press CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 5th

"Masterful demonstration of truly adventurous musical minds.”

Press CD Istanbul Improv Sessions May 4th

"This music is slithering and shaking with life."

Press CD u-ex(perimental)

"Musical adventure? Rely on it!”

Press CD Solo Flutes

"Frework in the scanty contemporary music landscape.” 

Press CD Food Foragers

"Haunting music!. Hypnotic as Sirens."