on Pendant La Nuit

by Lotz Of Music

Pieter Bots, Het Parool
“And suddenly you find a masterpiece on the Parade: Pendant La Nuit! Music theater of the highest level.”

Pieter Bots, Het Parool
“Lotz Of Music …. groovy improvisations which propel the play immensely or providing a hip lounge atmosphere …”

Edo Dijksterhuis, NRC Handelsblad
“Pendant La Nuit is a dramatic, swinging, acid-tongued magic bonbon.” 

Adwin de Kluyter, Rotterdams Dagblad
“Lotz Of Music … playing finger snipping, head banging djazzz – sublimely executed, especially in the free improvisations – and like the play itself often leaning towards absurdity.”

Noord Holland Dagblad
“The play and the jazz music by Lotz Of Music turns out to be a remarkably good working combination.”

Mark Roos, Utrechts Nieuwsblad
“Full of absurd side leaps and mean dialogues with a distinctive role for the Jazz orchestra under Mark Lotz. The playing is remarkably freewheeling, natural and effortless, … “

 Karin Veraart, De Volkskrant
“Violent dialogues in a mean relation play.”

Rotterdams Dagblad

"Finger snipping, head banging djazzz."

 Karin Veraart, De Volkskrant

“Violent dialogues in a mean relation play.”