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 Draai Om Je Oren on Lotz

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Quotes On Lotz

All About Jazz (USA)
“Mark Alban Lotz is bringing sexy back into jazz.”

JazzAndMo (Belgium)
” … almost monomaniacally driven musician.”

WRUV & Jazz (USA)
“Mark Alban Lotz – a German-Dutch genius and flute master.”

CultureJazz (France)
“This is a musician who makes no compromises.”

Flute Focus (UK)
„Pure Genius.” 

Los Angeles Jazz Scene Magazine (USA)
“One of the world’s top jazz flute players!”

“Mark Alban Lotz is a world phenomenon on the flute, a creative miracle of contemporary flute music.”

Jazz Da Gama (Canada)
“The prince of darkness.”

Jazz Da Gama (Canada)
“Lotz Is the kind of artist who seems forever at the service of his art, which is to say he draws attention to the music, employing his genius to let the music glow in the dark.“

Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (Germany)
“The word of the ‚new worlds of sound’ usually picked up in the context of contemporary music is quite worn out, but with Lotz it is entitled.”

All About Jazz (USA)
“Dutch Flute Master.” 

Draai Om Je Oren  (The Netherlands)
“Unprecedented phenomenon in the Dutch impro-scene.”

Concerto Magazine (Austria)
“One of the most outstanding virtuosos on the flute.”

Citizen Jazz (France)
“Mark Alban Lotz stands out as being one of the best improvising flautists of Europe.”

Newsmantra (India)
“With use of electronics, extended techniques and voice, Lotz painted a colorful portrait of intense beauty that reflected his life in jazz, classical and world music.”

La Traversiere (France)
“A big voice in the European Jazz scene.”

Latin Jazz Net (USA)
“Mark Lotz is more than just a big voice in the European jazz scene. He is at the forefront of jazz, classical and World Music and is obviously enjoying every minute of it!” 

 Global Rhythm magazine (USA)
“Errant Jazz-man.”

Jazz (Portugal)
“Sound architect of a different kind!”

Africa News, Tontonjovo (The Netherlands)
“Mark Alban Lotz a legend on different flutes.” (Australia)
„This artist and overall creative genius is redefining the sonic palette of all flutes.“

Cadence Magazine (USA)
“Lotz has a strong voice on flute and a great sense of presentation.” 

Cadence Magazine (USA)
“Ambitious composer of unique contexts. He delivers an intriguing program of progressive chamber jazz.” 

Sapsite Utrecht (The Netherlands)
„Lord Of The Flutes.”

UNI Magazine  (CzechRepublic)
“Mark Lotz is a flute master in traditional up to hypnoticing modern settings. … . Cascades of sound by Lotz starting with barking to waves, snoring, screaming or intimate ministrels. 

BN/De Stem (The Netherlands)
“Mark Alban Lotz: unique flute in jazz.” 

FLY Magazine (UK)
“Excellent flute playing of Mark Lotz. A prolific virtuoso, … he brings a freshness … to stretch the tracks beyond their initial impact.” 

Vrij Nederland (The Netherlands)
“The capacity of Lotz coming directly to the essence in all the different settings really takes you by surprise. This is free music in its most universal variation.” 

Jazzreview (USA)
“The clever jazz flute stylings of Mark Alban Lotz insert brilliant floating flavor to the highly addictive “Carjive.” 

Rootstime (Belgium)
„Master improviser, tribute!”

His Voice Magazine (Czech Republic)
„One of the most agile experimental jazz instrumentalists.”

Radio 808 (Croatia) 
“Mark Alban Lotz, a brilliant flutist, one of the new names in the virtuous circle of European improvisors.” 

Pan Magazine (USA)
“Masculine, exciting, superb.” 

Nieuwsblad v/h Noorden (The Netherlands)
“Taking the past as a starting point Lotz opens a view into the jazz of the future.” 

All Music, (USA)
Lotz’s chosen instrument sets him apart, of course, but so does his skill as an improviser. He’s a daring, spontaneous soloist, who manages to invest the flute with the sort of earthiness one might more logically expect from a saxophonist.”

NRC Handelsblad (The Netherlands)
“Besides his mastery of his instruments Lotz demonstrates a few things you won’t learn at school: fantasy, sense for colours and drama plus humorous playfulness.”

TAZ Bremen, Germany
“Hearing Lotz you have to change the prejudice about the soft sounding flute.”

Le Son Du Grisli (France)
Pure Thriller here, find a Tarkovsky’ish slowness somewhere else. Lotz is a filmmaker of breath, a wise man you can not decently blame his ‚travel bulimia’.

B. Olewinck  (France)
Lotz is a fantastic flutist, evincing great command, facility and imagination. … intriguingly impressive.

Jazz Magazine (Italy)
Though inspired by Atlantic recordings of Hubert Laws Lotz manages to go from Classical to Jazz music with a lot of personal energy and vitality.” 

Frankenpost (Germany)
“… on the bass flute Lotz reached into the essence of art: … he allowed a glimpse into the underworld where nothing can be seen but much is to be heard.”

Trouw (The Netherlands)  
“German flutist set the standard at the SJU Jazz Festival ’94.”

Schwäbische Post (Germany)
Lotz turned out to be a sensitive and versatile instrumentalist. His apparently unlimited richness of variation was brilliant.” 

Jazzfreak (The Netherlands)
“Lotz does not seem to be bothered by technical limits.” 

La Traversiere (France)
“Lotz is a flutist who has no doubt established himself in the rich contemporary music alongside Robert Dick and Michel Edelin.” 

Utrechts Nieuwsblad (The Netherlands)
“The best-dressed flutist of the world.” 

 General Anzeiger (Germany)
“Lotz experienced and cristal clear playing fascinated the audience.”

 Schäbische Zeitung (Germany)
“Lotz’ens performance was so to say a lecture in the case: flute.”

 Surinam Times (Suriname)
“World Class Flutist!”

Draai Om Je Oren (The Netherlands)
“Mark Alban Lotz is the grand master, a great improviser on all kinds of flutes.”

Herald Scotland (United Kingdom)
“Lotz providing forceful piccolo in the initial waltz and later taking a marvelously expressive wooden flute solo …”. 

 Jazzarium (Poland)
“Mark Alban Lotz without a doubt is “one of a kind.” 

 Longplay, Robert Ratajczak (Poland)
„In the playing of Alban Lotz we can see {cut} extraordinary virtuosity. The musician plays on different flutes, in each case, apart from the delightful technique, displaying unlimited imagination and visionary fantasy.“, T.Pena (USA)
“Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has created a unique niche for himself in the field of World Music.” 

De Nieuwe Noten (The Netherlands)”
“We already knew that Lotz is unsurpassed on the flute, this solo in “The Bostonian” illustrates where his fame comes from.”

La Habitation De Jazz (Spain)
“Lotz avoids the obvious in his compositions, looking for the different. As can be seen in the ten songs on the album, he is an improviser with his own language.”

KUUB solo flutes

"Mark Alban Lotz is a world phenomenon on the flute, a creative miracle of contemporary flute music."

Jazznu interview with Mark Lotz

exclusive interview at

Leeuwaarder Dagbald

Interview with Lotz regarding Vers Festival 2019

The New Indian Express

article on Tour India 2018

Moors Magazine

vibrating and splattering musical feast

The Herald

marvelously expressive wooden flute solo

Mixed World Music Magazine

"...immediately caused a tingle which would stay in the air the whole evening"

Jazz Blues News Space – Interview with Lotz

Pure intellect as well as pure soul is boring after a while.

All About Jazz Take Five

All About Jazz Take Five


Article at Vagarag (Greece)

On Lotz and his A Fula's Call

Uni Jazz Magazine

Article on Lotz by Uni Magazine

 Draai Om Je Oren on Lotz

"Mark Alban Lotz is the grand master, a great improviser on all kinds of flutes."

Surinam Times

"World Class Flutist!"


"Lotz reached into the essence of art"

Just Outside

“Lotz is a fantastic flutist, … intriguingly impressive.” 

NRC Handelsblad

"Fantasy, sense for colors and drama plus humorous playfulness."


„Master improviser”

"Flutist Mark Alban Lotz has created a unique niche for himself in the field of World Music." 

BN/De Stem

"Mark Alban Lotz: unique flute in jazz." 

Latin Jazz Club

on Lotz and his Shango’s Dance

Citizen Jazz

Best improvising flautists of Europe

Flute Focus

„Pure Genius.”

Radio Croatia

Mark Alban Lotz, a brilliant flutist.

Musica Jazz Intervista Lotz

Con lui parliamo di questo album, del suo passato e dei suoi progetti futuri.

(on Lotz) WRUV

"Mark Alban Lotz – a German-Dutch genius and flute master."