Review Mark Lotz Trio @ Culture Jazz France

Yves Dorison has published a gorgeous review on our new album ‘Turn On, Tune In, Drop, Out!” by the Mark Lotz Trio at the French Culture Jazz.

Quatre façons de voir le jazz –

English Translation:

This album is placed under the auspices of LSD guru Timothy Leary, and in particular the eight circuits of consciousness he theorized. In fact, the album’s title is his famous motto. So it’s likely that if Mark Alban Lotz had been twenty years old in the seventies, he’d have been playing with Sweet Smoke, a band of kings of firecrackers and other substances that make you laugh and smile in search of a better world, self-knowledge and all that, and a few others of the same ilk. That said, this is a musician who makes no compromises, which in spite of himself ensures a certain confidentiality. Accompanied by a Canadian based in New York and a Dutchman, he gives us the chance to listen to some rambling music, with a rhythmic tendency towards the obsessive, hard-hitting climaxes and zones of appeasement to great effect. It’s quite lyrical on the whole, and the interplay is relentlessly consistent and rich. These three are formidable musicians, and their recording is a treat for the listener. Treat yourself! They deserve it.