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Mark Lotz

Dear friends, colleagues, fans and associates,

Thrilled to update you with the latest news. I composed new music and performed it with many. I feel alive and kicking and my playing never was better.

In times of social unrest and isolation I feel the need to embrace the ‘human dimension’ and bond with people. As during Corona it was impossible to maintain my travels, I decided to serve the community through the arts ever more than I did before. With results : in my music and in my activities as producer of festival & several concert series. All with a social statement. Check them out.

  1. Composition assignment

  2. VOLfest

  3. Hidden Diamonds (Jazz On The Sofa)

  4. Mark My Wor(l)ds

  5. Mandala Tribe

  6. Jazzclub Zeist

  7. Concerts


Composition assignment for the 



The Union Of Dutch Jazz Venues And Jazz Festivals (VNJJ) commissioned me to write a composition for the ‘Week Of The Jazz’ in april 2021. It will be dedicated to the brave Afghan women who are facing terror now.

More about that in the next newsletter.

website VNJJ




With VOLfest we bring music into a deprived neighbourhood. This initiative is all about connecting people. Musicians from all over the world meet around the Vollenhove flats in Zeist for a series of special concerts and jam sessions.  Every 2nd Friday of the month with a ‘grand finale’ in June.

website VOLfest (in Dutch)




This year our living room festival Jazz On The Sofa will be will be held in historic locations in and around the Castle of Zeist and it focuses exclusively on local artists: the Hidden Diamonds. Celebrate the local community in jazz. Above that Jazz On The Sofa gave four composition assignments for exciting new local projects. Often in an intergenerational and interdisciplinary setting in mutual inspiration.

website Jazz On The Sofa


Mark My Wor(l)ds


Mark My Wor(l)ds is a world music concert series in collaboration with the Museum Speelklok. In times of ‘black lives matter’ hear the voices of the rich variety of cultures that can be found within the Netherlands. This last edition on Oktober 14th focuses on Africa.

website Mark My Wor(l)ds
website Museum Spelklok





Mandala Tribe is an ensemble that performs electronic infused Indian Music. The young Carnatic singer Shashwathi Jagadish joined our ensemble and she blew our minds. We recorded for the Dutch TV program Vrije Geluiden (VPRO). (It will be broadcasted November 7th at NPO Extra at 10.30 am.)

Website Mandala Tribe
Website NPO2 Extra



Jazzclub Zeist

In joined efforts with the Kunstenhuis and the castle ‘Slot Zeist’ we are going for a ‘Jazzclub Zeist’. The first concert of this cultural social club will be October 10th and curated by the local bass player Marius Beets.

Website Slot Zeist



Happy Happy Tour


The Happy Happy Tour by the Duo Food Foragers (Lotz/Purves) brings our music (which includes bizarre twists and surprises) to a new audience. This tour was postponed quite a lot. Check the new data.

website Food Foragers


Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!


The Mark Lotz Trio gave several extremely satisfying concerts, performing compositions inspired by the ‘eight circles of consciousness’ of LSD guru Timothy Leary. This band is slithering with live!

website Mark Lotz Trio




GIST! is a collective of musicians based in Utrecht with a concert series promoting local music. The next show is taking place Oktober 7th. It is all about ‘Moving Stones’ and combines three acts featuring art and installation!

website GIST!
website Museum Speelklok



Shows Autumn/Winter


Sojourner’s Truth
10/08 Jazz/World Festival Amersfoort

Mandala Tribe
20/08, Ruigoord, Amsterdam
22/08 Torenlaan Theater, Zeist

Mark My Wor(l)ds
29/08 Brazil Calls, Zeist


3/09 Museum Speelklok, Utrecht

Mark My Wor(l)ds
05/09 Africa Calls, Zeist
17/09 India Calls/Mandala Tribe, Utrecht

Mark Lotz Trio • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!
8/09 JIN Brebl, Nijmegen

Food Foragers • Happy Happy Tour
11/09 NMSA, Alphen ad Rijn
12/09 Holynote, Amsterdam
16/09 Rode Bioscoop, Amsterdam


7/10 Museum Speelklok, Utrecht

9/10 Dutch Delta Sounds @Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Jazzclub Zeist
10/10 Orangerie Castle Zeist

Mark My Wor(l)ds

14/10 Africa Calls, Utrecht

15/10 Torenflat, Zeist

Mark Lotz Trio • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!
17/10 SLIM, Kapel, Heerlen

Food Foragers • Happy Happy Tour
19/10 Het Lichtruim, De Bilt
21/10 De Klinker, Zeist
24/10 DUMS, Utrecht
25/10 Comedy Music Café, Amsterdam


Felbm • Elements Of Nature (Tape Presentation)
6/11 Buitenplaats Doornburgh, Maarsen

Mandala Tribe
7/11 Vrije Geluiden, VPRO – NPO2 Extra

Jazz On The Sofa
7/11 In ‘n around the castle of Zeist

Music For Silent Movie
13/11 Eye-museum, Amsterdam

Jazzclub Zeist
14/11 Orangerie Castle Zeist

Harald Walkate Septet
14/11 NRE5, Eindhoven

19/11  Torenflat, Zeist

BIM Anniversary Concert band
22/11 Bimhuis, Amsterdam

Ashakiran (Dance theater show)
27/11 Isala Theater, Capelle aan den IJssel



Mark Lotz Trio • Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!
01/12 GIST @ Museum Speelklok, Utrecht

Sojourner’s Truth
10/12 Willem II, s’Hertogenbosch

Jazzclub Zeist
12/12 Orangerie Castle Zeist

17/12 Torenflat, Zeist

check the Itinerary for updates

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