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Mark Lotz

Dear all,

Thrilled to announce the release of the second album of the Mark Lotz Trio. It features Zack Lober on bass and Jamie Peet on drums.



CD Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out!

Released June 30 by ZenneZ Records and is available as hard copy and via all thinkable services within the internet.

This album presents 10 tracks inspired by a psychedelic hypothesis,
the ‘Eight Circuits Of Consciousness’ of LSD guru Dr. Timothy Leary.

After years of performing and recording avant-garde music the Mark Lotz Trio marks my comeback to jazz. Zack and Jamie are kicking butt here in a flute fronted Jazz trio with bass and drums, influenced by a psychedelic concept of the sixties.

Line up

Mark Lotz • concert-, alto-, bass- and Indian bamboo flutes
Zack Lober • acoustic bass
Jamie Peet • drums




At my news page you find a press sheet which features an interview that ZenneZ Records director John Weijers had with me.

At the CD page (tab ‘on the compositions’) you find info about the different tracks.


The recordings were done in one of the best studios The Netherlands knows: The Power Sound Studio, Amsterdam and the mix was done by my favourite sound engineer Micha De Kanter. As the music is hard-core contemporary jazz we have chosen for a sound reflecting that.


1. Push
(Vegetative Invertebrate Circuit No. 1.)

2. Beat The Drum
(Emotional-Locomotion Circuit No. 2)

3. Dance The Monolith
(Laryngeal-Manual Symbolic Circuit No. 3)

4. Lust
(Socio-Sexual Domestication Circuit No. 4)

5. Relax And Flow
(For Hermento, John and Paul)

6. Bring Delight
(Neurosomatic Circuit No. 5)

7. Consciousness
(Neuroelectric Circuit No. 6)

8. Isabel
(For Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre)

9. Up!
(Neurogenetic Circuit No. 7)

10. Trance Out
(Neuro-Atomic Metaphysiology Circuit No. 8)


11. Bonus track : ‘Push (Alternate Take)’
(only via bandcamp)

all compositions by Mark Lotz



The ‘Eight Circuits Of Consciousness’

Timothy Leary, a prominent figure of the psychedelic 1960s was an American psychologist and writer who pioneered LSD for therapeutic use in psychiatry. In his “Eight circuit model of consciousness”  (in “Exo-Psychology” (1977)) Leary describes evolutionary stages of consciousness which human beings develop through their lives.

The first four circuits are described as the terrestrial circuits and correspond roughly to the infant-toddler-child-adult levels. The game that is played for human beings on Earth. With the human civilization progressing, we tap into the four post-terrestrial circuits in anticipation of leaving the womb planet. Different opiates (and/or meditation, stress, neuro-transmitters, rituals, etc) can tune in into the different circuits. My compositions are inspired by these 8 circuits.




Release | Zennez Records 2023
Studio | Power Sound Studio Amsterdam, The Netherlands 26 & 27 May, 2022
Recording engineer | Fieke van den Hurk
Producer | Mark Alban Lotz
Mix & Master | Micha Kanter, The Hague, November 2022 and March 2023
Cover photo | Visarute Angkatavanich
Mark Lotz Trio photo | Vijay Slager
Artwork | Frauke Erichsen

Many thanks to Eelco Topper, Remigijus Kazukauskas and Chris Weinheimer.

This record has been financed with the help of the Sena Muziekproductiefonds and the Lotz Of Music Foundation.


We are confident that you as ‘adult listeners’ can dive into our music without moving image. Have fun!

One Love, Mark



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